Certified Trainer for Fascinate and Outconnecting

How to Fascinate

Introducing the first personality test that measures how others perceive you at your best. Make a better first impression, with your most influential traits.

Creating the marketing copy to describe yourself and your company authentically and persuasively.


Email Follow Up - Sales Tools - Automated Campaigns, Opt-In Forms, Contact Manager.
Create stunning, branded messages to make a powerful connection and the right impression in-box. Including printed cards, message library and message tracking.

Best self Journal 

Boost your productivity and accomplish your goals with the help of the Best Self Planner. A simple tool to help you systematically achieve more

  • Creating a roadmap to achieve your goals
  • Having a zero-based time schedule, so planning for your entire day, even the free time
  • Prioritizing your days to be more productive
  • Remaining flexible (the journal is self-dated so no empty pages while you’re on vacation
  • Tracking and Reflection-practicing habits and reflecting on wins and losses
  • Positivity-each day starts and ends with gratitude