Jean MacDonald, DTM

Jean MacDonald received the 3rd place award at the Toastmasters International District 30 Spring Conference on Saturday, April 30th, 2016. Watch her award winning speech.

Jean MacDonald received the 3rd place award at the Toastmasters International District 30 Spring Conference on Saturday, April 30th, 2016. Watch her award winning speech.

In high-profile business networking circles, her colleagues affectionately refer to Jean MacDonald as the “Queen of Connections.” Since 1985, Jean has been developing highly successful leadership, networking and sales strategies helping clients to maximize their potential and to substantially increase their communication businesses’ brand, outreach and bottom-line.

For many years, Jean was a leader in the commercial insurance industry where she grew a small business into a multi-million dollar revenue producer.

She took that same brand of leadership and success to the well-known Mary Kay Cosmetics Company where her extraordinarily high sales volume and leadership earned her the use of the company’s signature cars twelve times, five being their trophy “Pink Cadillac.” Jean was not only a top-producer, but was also a top recruiter and trainer of her Mary Kay teams nationwide.

More recently, Jean has parlayed her highly successful networking, leadership and sales skills into an exciting corporate training-centric business. Jean designs tailored programs that help guide individuals and businesses on how to “connect the dots” to strong, reliable relationships through the development and implementation of robust business outreach and training strategies. With the use of proprietary marketing tools, Jean awakens the potential in leaders and sales teams.  She adds excitement to a company’s employee morale, and creates a strategically tailored blueprint for building an energized, focused, workforce that works together to enhance a company’s overall growth and success.


As an author and compassionate humanitarian, Jean donated a portion of the proceeds from her first book to helping people in job transitions through the non-profit Fresh Starts. “Get Up, Get Dressed, and Get Out The Door!”- published in 2012, received rave reviews and is presently in its second print. “The Fortune is in the Follow-up”, Jean’s second book, was released April 2015 and is presently being used by numerous small businesses and corporations as a tool for identifying and implementing innovative modalities that have been tested and proven to improve a company’s bottom-line.

Jean, an admired public speaker, earned the Distinguished Toastmasters designation and is also part of the National Speaker’s Association. Her compelling, often humorous stories have empowered thousands of people in cities throughout the country helping individuals, teams and businesses to realize their maximum sales potential.



What’s Being Said About the Speaker?

Theresa A. Anderson, President, Women's Council of Realtors, North Shore Chapter
“ Your presentation received many positive remarks from the attendees. I received calls, emails, as well as wonderful comments from the members and guests. Your presentation was informative, fun, and educational. Your humor was refreshing and relative.”

Kim Kreml, CMP, Director at The University Center, Grayslake, Il
“Jean invented networking! She is remarkable in her abilty to connect people and help to get business done. If you're looking to connect, call Jean.”

Dr. Norman Roth, CEO at Sales Enhancers
“Jean is a high energy, knowledgeable, savvy businessperson. She builds instant relationships, is articulate, and has a solid understanding of the business community she works within. She is a powerful speaker and a very quick study. I highly recommend that any company seeking to strengthen their team contact Jean to speak and train.”

Sherry Leginski, Purchasing Agent at Meyer Wholesale Group
“Jean spoke to a group of unemployed people at our offices. This is a group that tends to show up at the door with their heads hung low, in need of motivation. She did just that! If you're looking for someone to motivate a group, consider Jean.”

Michellle Rohrer-Lauer, Interior Designer & Principal at Michelle’s Interiors Design Group
“Jean is an exceptional, enthusiastic, and driven by what she believes in and the potential by what she sees in other people. She will help you exceed your dreams and set higher goals.”

Sara Anthony Minkus
Get Up, Get Dressed and Get Out the Door" by Jean MacDonald
"Jean has done a masterful job communicating simple clear "back to basics" strategies for staying focused on personal and business goals when the distractions of life threaten to derail us from achieving those goals.”